A new toolkit for the documentary Mamu Ensemble Together

Spring may be slow to arrive… but at La Boîte, there are plenty of exciting projects blooming like this latest one!

With the support of the Government of Quebec, La Boîte was able to complete one of the projects close to its heart.

La Boîte now offers a superb toolbox to facilitate viewing of the Mamu Ensemble Together documentary in schools and communities.

This new toolkit includes:

  • a viewing guide for the planning and smooth running of your event,
  • useful links and resources,
  • promotional material,
  • short video clips to help start the discussion during your Q&A sessions, and more!

With this new tool in hand, La Boîte will now focus on planning additional screenings for a wider audience.

For more information or to organize a screening of the Mamu Ensemble Together documentary in your community, please fill out this form or contact us.

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