“A Turnkey Concept”

Saint-Adelphe (Québec), March 16, 2022 —La Boîte interculturelle (Canada) is pleased to announce the financial support of the Government of Quebec for the creation of tools that foster intercultural dialogue and to add to the work initiated since 2020.
With this support, La Boîte interculturelle will be able to begin part of the work required for the creation of complementary visual segments to the documentary Mamu Ensemble Together. They are being developed for primary and secondary schools as well as for workshops ( screening in community centers, libraries, etc.). The visual content will be accompanied by a ‘toolbox’ to facilitate the promotion of the events by the organizers. A turnkey concept!

The goal is to improve our offer to reach as many citizens as possible by offering segments of the documentary that are adapted to different age groups and with accompanying promotional accessories

Nathalie Lévesque, founder, and executive director of La Boîte interculturelle.

Although there is still plenty of work to do, La Boîte remains focused on fostering intercultural dialogue in rural communities while strengthening its long-term impact.

Who we are

  • La Boîte interculturelle Created in 2018, La Boîte interculturelle is a non-profit organization located in Quebec, Canada. Its main mission is to create bridges between communities by offering favorable conditions for creation and dialogue. 
    La Boîte interculturelle creates unique exchange experiences in collaboration with artists and partners eager to strengthen ties and forge new ones between communities.

Our approach is characterized and guided by three fundamental elements:

  • Culture – What distinguishes us from one another—our way of life, traditions and customs—but also something that can be shared with others.
  • Exchange – An act imbued with the desire to share and learn from each other.
  • Change – To become the facilitators of changes we wish to see around us.



For further information, please contact :

Nathalie Lévesque
La Boîte interculturelle
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