Art and culture in times of pandemic with Glenda Rush, Elvire Pro, KingMaliba KM and Selma Rėgragui Wib (French only)

Recorded in 2021, thanks to 2CCOM, Selma Rėgragui Wib via the Positiva Morocco platform and in collaboration & co-moderation with La Boîte interculturelle.

A few months ago, we were talking about art and culture and the impact of the pandemic with Glenda Rush, Founder of Vivo Music International; King Maliba, novelist, slammer and singer; and Élvire Tofa, founder and president of CasaFriq, radio host and choregrapher in Mauricie region in Quebec.

In this next video (available in French only), we share with you the content of this round table during which professionals and artists spoke.

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