Chompipa: A new video segment

In 2020, during our stay in Maliotenam for the Mamu Ensemble Together project, we had the pleasure of recording a story told by Saulo Olmedo Evans (project musician) paired with a song written by Mr. Philippe Mckenzie. The song is played by his son Mishta-Shipu, ambassador of the project, with the musicians who participated in this beautiful human adventure.

This segment, which required several hours of editing, is in a way our tribute to the community of Maliotenam who welcomed us with open arms and who were so generous with their time.

This excerpt accompanies the documentary Mamu Ensemble Together and is part of our toolbox. It is available when organizations are planning an event in their community.

  • Musicians:
    • Saulo Olmedo Evans
    • Salif Sanou ‘Lasso’
    • Shauit
    • Hippolyte Koutouan ‘HK’
    • Patrice Agbokou
    • Mishta-Shipu McKenzie
  • Story:
    • Saulo Olmedo Evans
  • Music:
    • Ekuan pua by Philippe Mckenzie with permission.

Thanks to the government of Canada and more than 25 other partners.

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