Let the lines of your heart open up

Initiated by La Boîte interculturelle, this interactive musical experience, was created in the fall of 2022, and consisted in encouraging – with music as a facilitator – the rapprochement between people in rural areas.

The clip reflects the encounters we had, which were filled with a deep sense of joy, kindness and solidarity

The release of the documentary is planned for the Spring of 2023

Thank you

  • MRC de Kamouraska
  • MRC de La Matapédia
  • Actions interculturelles
  • Arts et culture du Haut-Saint-François
  • Café des 3 cloches
  • Carrefour emploi Lotbinière
  • CDC Haut-St-Francois
  • Centre éclosion
  • Centre-femmes La Passerelle
  • Municipalité de Saint-Alexandre
  • Site patrimonial de pêche Matamajaw
  • Benoît Lévesque
  • Rémi Hermoso
  • Hugo von Levetzow
  • Athina Lavoie (Athina.Design)
  • Jawad Elajnad (3ZEM)

Music by Othman Wahabi | https://othmanwahabi.com/

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