Let’s Celebrate!

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This year, La Boîte celebrates six years of development of intercultural projects both internationally and nationally.

La Boîte continues more than ever to strengthen public-private partnerships that promote the emergence of new ideas with an emphasis on art and culture.

La Boîte interculturelle does not sell services, we create unique experiences of exchange and collaboration with artists and partners who wish to strengthen ties and forge new ones between communities.

The last few years have been marked by important developments which have paved the way in the field of intercultural exchange. From our first project in Morocco in 2016-2017 to the most recent one, La Boîte has always focused on an intercultural approach and with the intimate conviction that the arts can promote rapprochement between cultures. It is by working together that we can make a difference.

Through all of our actions, we want to continue building a network of professional and human skills to advance intercultural exchanges.

Since our beginnings, La Boîte has been able to position itself quickly in the cultural landscape and has become a competent resource in the development of partnerships.


  • 2017 La terre n’a que un soleil in partnership with the Taragalte Festival and the support of the Embassy of Canada in Morocco and Mauritania. A 10-day musical residency between RedTail Spirit Singers and Generation Taragalte in M’Hamid El Ghizale, Morocco.
  • 2018 Phase 2 of One sun shines for all in collaboration with the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke between Daraa Tribes, RedTail Spirit Singers, Sacred Wolf Singers and Simon Denizart and accompanied by dancers Jason Gullo Mullins, Warren Papatie and Benjamin Wawatay. We also presented the project in partnership with Small World Music in Toronto. The musicians were accompagnied by dancer Matthew Rutledge.
  • 2018 – Presentation of the short film Résonance culturelle premiered at Visa for Music in Rabat thanks to the support of the Embassy of Canada in Morocco and Mauritania and Visa for Music.
  • 2019 Partner – talent search, orchestration, logistics and communication of the collaboration between Washmn’hit and Shauit for a project carried out by Pasa Musik and in collaboration with 3ZEM (From Mashteuiash to Rabat, from Rabat to Mashteuiash and from Maliotenam).
  • 2020 – Thanks to the support of the government of Canada and more than twenty-six partners, La Boîte was able to develop a project – Mamu Ensemble Together – which serves as a powerful statement to the power of music uniting people across cultures.
  • 2021 – Thanks to the support of the government of Canada and a number of partners, La Boîte planned and screened the documentary Mamu Ensemble Together in eight different communities in Quebec.


Collaborating with a Moroccan band was a whole different world, especially with powwow indigenous drum singing. I really enjoyed the experience.

It’s very important to mix cultures together to learn from each other. It’s all about embracing other cultures together and eliminating racism

Tee Cloud, author-composer, Sacred Wolf Singers | participant to La terre n’a qu’un soleil 2018 & Cultural Resonance 2018

The project ‘La terre n’a qu’un soleil’ was one of the most enriching experiences of my career.

I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know another culture and music that was completely unknown to me. I developed valuable and permanent friendships.

This project allowed me to expand my musical knowledge. I am very grateful.

Akawui | Author-composer and participant to La terre n’a qu’un soleil 2017-2018 and Cultural Resonance 2018.
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