Lejeune – Pigmenterre

PIGMENTERRE – Claudine Cousineau

Wishing to have access to handcrafted art materials, Claudine set out in search of pigments derived from the earth to create her own recipes for natural paints. As a result of her explorations and experiments, her Pigmenterre company now offers these ancestral colors for use in both visual arts and wood finishing.

The company also supports craftspeople and artists in the use of these environmentally-friendly materials. Pigmenterre offers finishing services based on ancestral methods using natural materials such as oils, stones and clays. In collaboration with other artisans, the company manufactures a full range of art materials: oil paints, watercolors, pigments, body paints, gouaches, inks, etc.

Marie Paule Désirée N’guessan – Adjoua du Québec

Marie Paule Désirée N’guessan, also known as Adjoua du Québec, is a versatile artist from the Ivory Coast who has lived in Quebec for many years.

Her passion for art and poetry took flight in April 2022, when she found refuge in artistic creation during a difficult period in her life.

Drawing on her creative talent, she transports her audience through spellbinding stories and captivating poems, highlighting the timeless beauty of African women, humanity and life itself.

As a contemporary make-up artist, she adds a visual dimension to her work, using artistic intelligence to create pieces that invite deep reflection on beauty and identity.

Her commitment to celebrating African culture and artistic diversity is also reflected in her podcast “L’Art de Vivre”, where she explores the power of color and offers advice and motivation for a fulfilled life.

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