Jacques T. Wasto, Abenakis of Odanak, Artisan extraordinaire and chef will be delighted to introduce you to the culinary heritage of the Abenakis. On the menu, the Watso clan’s family recipe, La Sagamité Watso, a soup made from 9 varieties of bean, corn, secret spice mix and fresh vegetables, topped with red deer meat from Ferme dix-cors in Pierreville. Bannock and red deer meat burritos.

Jacques is the owner of Sagamité Watso and Café Masko in Odanak. 

Passionate about First Peoples’ cultures, he loves to share his knowledge with others.


Maha Bensouda is the founder and chef of La Caravane Gourmande catering service, which specializes in organizing private and corporate events that bring people together around Moroccan culinary art.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Maha worked for 17 years in the media industry, first in an agency and then at Radio-Canada, where she held a number of positions. 

Deciding to follow her passion in 2018, she launched into entrepreneurship to offer her services as a home chef, corporate caterer as well as culinary workshops. Built on a better living together, her project aims to bring people together and unite them around ancestral cuisine; a cuisine of bonding and sharing by creating unique and memorable moments.

Always on the lookout for new challenges, Maha collaborated during the pandemic with the organization La tablée des chefs as a chef-teacher to pass on her passion to young people in schools, and continues to train young people who want to enter the same field.

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