Action Week against Racism: Broadcasting of short video clips here and on Facebook. You are invited!

Week of actions against racism #fightracism

Short video clips to promote togetherness will be broadcast during the week of action against racism, from March 21 to 26.

Would you like to participate in the Action Week Against Racism? Join us here or on La Boîte interculturelle’s Facebook page for the broadcasting of short video clips that were filmed as part of the Mamu Ensemble Together (2020) project.

Broadcasting schedule of the videos

See you online on March 21 at 4 p.m.!

(Eastern Daylight Time – UTC 4 h)

DateTimeClip Title
Tuesday, March 214 p.m.The colour of love
Wednesday, March 224 p.m.A delicate subject
Thursday, March 234 p.m.The role of the family
Friday, March 244 p.m.A lesson of openness
Saturday, March 254 p.m.It is up to you to ask yourself the question
Sunday, March 2611 a.m.9 minutes 35

The short videos address different themes such as the role of the family, acceptance and openness to new encounters. These clips are a springboard to further advance the conversation and find solutions for a better living together.

Join the dialogue and share your comments and suggestions with us. TOGETHER we will make a difference.

Did you know that?

La Boîte interculturelle offers a school-friendly viewing option for the documentary Mamu Ensemble Together for children ages 6  to 11.

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