Women and heritage

Round Table on the preservation of memories to the challenge of interculturality.

On March 20, Nathalie Lévesque, founder of La Boîte interculturelle, participated in a round table at the Moroccan Cultural Center Dar Al Maghrib in Montreal.

It is by understanding our own culture that we can better understand those of others.

Talking about interculturality, opening up dialogue and trying to find solutions for a better living together has been a subject of concern for a large majority of the population for several years.

Each of us must find a way to open up to the world but above all to join forces to have a greater influence and a lasting impact. That being said, every small step makes a difference and it is by joining forces at multicultural and ecumenical events intended to change perceptions that we will get there.

It was an honour to be alongside truly inspiring women: Zhor Rehihil, Hind Lahmami, Dorothy Rhau and all moderated by Mr. Kamal Benkirane.

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