The road to interculturality (2023)


Based on footage filmed in autumn 2022 (Weaving and Reweaving), The road to interculturality, a discussion tool is a documentary that refers to a journey or path to encourage discussion, provoke critical reflection, challenge existing norms and promote values such as caring, justice and sustainability.

Every story shared, every testimony heard and every obstacle examined is an invitation to broaden our perspective and cultivate a keen sense of responsibility towards our shared world.

We hope that this tool will provide a reflective journey and encourage the search for solutions, because it is in this global conversation that lies the strength to transform challenges into opportunities.

Target audience: General public, high school, community centres and workshops

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Title: The road to interculturality, a discussion tool Languages: French (English available soon) Length: To be confirmed Formats available: MP4

Resources available – Toolkit

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La Boîte interculturelle wishes to thank all her partners and the musicians who took part in this project:

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