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Let your words inspire change! 

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Cultural Resonance (2018)

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Time flies!

Already been nearly a month since we completed the project Weaving and Reweaving, which took us across Quebec.

We had meetings, exchanges and discussions, on the benefits of music as a facilitator of dialogue and rapprochement.

The project was also an opportunity for us to start thinking about actions that can make a difference in the short and medium term!

We do not claim to have all the solutions but we sincerely believe that by working together we will make things happen for a better life together.

Thanks to Othman Wahabi, La Famille Mélanger, all our partners and project participants.

Next step: Writing the Rural Manifesto for intercultural rapprochement and looking at hours and hours of images for the production of the documentary.

Weaving and reweaving, an interactive musical experience

From September 10, 2022, we will hit the road to meet people in the 4 corners of the province of Quebec.
It’s more than 2,500 km, 6 administrative regions and 8 events for musical presentations and exchanges on how we can use music for better living together.

La Boîte at school

Want to see what happens when La Boîte visits a school to talk about the power of music as a tool for dialogue and bringing communities together?

Here is a video we had the pleasure of filming while at the École Secondaire des Pionniers in Trois-Rivières, on April 1st.

Accompanied by Saulo Olmedo Evans, one of the musicians of the Mamu Ensemble Together project, La Boîte screened the documentary of the same name, followed by a percussion and storytelling workshop.

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