The sun shines for all (Phase 2 in Canada)

Ten-day musical residence carried out with the support of the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke in Quebec between Daraa Tribes, a group of musicians from five different tribes of the Moroccan Sahara and RedTail Spirit Singers as well as Sacred Wolf Singers, composed for the occasion of five musicians from four different nations (Mi’kmaq, Mowak, Mapuche) and French pianist, Simon Denizart.

Accompanied by the dancers: Mike Wade, Jason Gullo Mullins, Benjamin Wawatay, Warren Papatie and Matthew Rutledge (in Toronto)   


  • Daraa Tribes
    A fusion of ancestral tribal music and Saharan Blues, Daraa Tribes comes from the oasis town of Tagounite in the Daraa River Valley of Morocco, with each member originating from a different tribe, bringing with them diverse music traditions to create an eclectic style only to be found in the oases of the North African Sahara.
  • RedTail Spirit Singers
    Founded in 2004, RedTail Spirit Singers began  in Kanehsatà: ke with a very modest idea: to offer options to young people through song, drum and dance workshops as well as powwow-related activities.
    Tee Cloud from Metepenagiag and Julian Wells from Unama’ki are The Sacred Wolf Singers — a Mi’kmaq drumming group who perform traditional and contemporary songs to honour the uniqueness of the Mi’kmaq language and its inherent cultural knowledge.
  • Simon Denizart
    Originally from Créteil, France, pianist Simon Denizart introduced his jazz colors to Montreal when he moved there in 2011. In 2014, he was selected to compete in the new talent competition at Rimouski Jazz Festival and won the Public’s Choice Award. Following this achievement, he toured Quebec. Their contact with the public immediate. Simon produces three albums Between Two Worlds (2015), Beautiful People (2016), Darkside (2017) with the Canadian label The 270 Sessions. Called by Radio-Canada the Jazz Revelation 2016/2017, Simon Denizart tours in several European countries such as Belgium, Germany, the Republic of Czech, Poland, and his native France. He’s been nominated for the Best Jazz Album of the year at l’ADISQ in 2017 & 2018. In the style of European Jazz and World Music, Simon Denizart plays soft, sensitive and energizing music with subtle and accessible melodies.



Both Small World and Marchande d’idées create and present art that speaks to an increasingly cross-cultural world; we created the groundwork for exchanges that we can learn from by embracing the differences and similarities of each other.

Alan Davis, Executive Director – Small World Music Society, Toronto, Canada

Nous croyons que ce type de projet contribuera à l’élargissement des frontières et permettra également aux citoyens de tous les horizons de vivre une expérience valorisente et enrichissante sur le volet culturel.

Malika Bajjaje, directrice générale, Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Marchande d’idées was able to bridge the gap between two worlds through art and music. This helps strengthen human connections and creates a platform that fosters peace, trust and other human values between the two countries Morocco and Canada. We are in need of a multitude of these kinds of initiatives to strengthen the global culture exchange and dialogue.

Abdel Tahir, Technologist, CEO of AdelphaTech

How amazing!! loved it!! music spectacular and so fricking fantastic that Nathalie and the groups and most of all that she realized all of this. I remember the first day we spoke about it. Congratulations!! thanks so much for sharing the piece. Beautiful!

Phyllis Ellis, Director/Writer/Producer
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