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Nathalie Lévesque

Founder, Executive Director and Projects Curator

Nathalie Lévesque is the founder of La Boîte interculturelle, an organization that promotes intercultural understanding through the arts in rural areas.

Passionate about the diversity of cultures, languages and human experiences, Nathalie has always been keen to explore, captivated by the richness of our world.. Her travels have led her to explore and immerse herself in diverse communities, broadening her horizons.

With a degree in literature and languages and studies in communications and human resources at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business, Nathalie is recognised for her inspirational leadership and unwavering commitment to interculturality and diversity.

She has developed innovative programs focusing on events, workshops and musical collaborations in Canada and internationally.

Nathalie is a visionary and a pioneer in her field. She continues to inspire and motivate others to celebrate cultural diversity as a strength and source of mutual enrichment. Her vision is of an interconnected world where differences are celebrated and valued.
Her natural curiosity and desire to build bridges between communities are the driving forces in her life.

Photo credit: Hugo von Levetzow

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