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Support La Boîte’s projects and become an ally in the continued development of our actions in rural communities.

You can make a donation for:

  • A specific project;
  • Because you believe in our mission to build bridges between communities by offering favourable conditions for creation, exchange and dialogue; and/or
  • Sponsorship (see Sponsorship plan).

Your donations contribute to the:

  • Continuation of existing projects;
  • Development of new projects;
  • Promotion of initiatives carried out with our partners at the regional, provincial and international levels; and
  • Planning for the future.

Benefits for donors

  • Option to subscribe to La Boîte interculturelle’s newsletter and receive information on the use and impact of your donations.
  • Option to have your organization’s name or your name published in the list of donors on La Boîte’s website.
  • Invitation to our events.
  • For sponsorships of $500 or more, we offer you the opportunity to screen one of our documentaries in your community (within 175 km of our office) in addition to all the other benefits mentioned in the plan. Other options are available. Please contact us for further details.

Donations can be made by cheque and mailed to:

La Boîte interculturelle
761 route 352
Saint-Adelphe, Quebec G0X 2G0

La Boîte interculturelle will keep a complete and separate record from other funding, of all donations received and their use. Donations received will be strictly reinvested in the projects.

Depending on your preference, you may choose to make an anonymous or public donation by filling out this form and returning it with your contribution.

Download Donation Form (PDF, 169 KB)

Please note: La Boîte interculturelle cannot issue tax receipts due to its non-profit status.

Sponsorship plan (annual)

Press release to announce partnership (distribution to 500+ subscribers)
Visibility on all promotional material
Visibility on a specific project, event
Visibility on the website and URL link to the company
Publication on social networks
Visibility in the annual report
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