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Maha Bensoula

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La Boîte interculturelle X La caravane gourmande

I am very happy to collaborate with La Boîte interculturelle and to be its proud ambassador.

The mission of this non-profit organization, focused on interculturality, converges with that of La caravane gourmande in its quest for better living together.

Whether it’s the performing arts, the visual arts or the art of the table, there are many excuses to create great opportunities to meet.

Discovering oneself through interculturality to better appreciate this cultural richness that surrounds us and to celebrate our origins, our traditions TOGETHER is the beautiful mission that we have set ourselves!

King Maliba

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Being an ambassador for La Boîte interculturelle means a lot to me, because given that I have lived in four different countries on three continents (Africa, Europe, America), interculturalism is an integral part of my being and also my personal journey.

As a singer-songwriter, I am so proud to be able to contribute to building a humanity that is more tolerant of differences, because I am convinced that each person is important in a world where we are all different.

Our ambassadors are people and organizations who take our mission and our values ​​to heart.

Through this initiative, we want to:

  • create a global community by connecting La Boîte fans in an engaging way,
  • share new perspectives on various topics and
  • highlight the work of people and organizations from here and abroad.

Together we can make a difference by developing dialogue and cooperation.

Want to join us? 

Send us a note telling us why you would like to participate.

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