“A Turnkey Concept”

Saint-Adelphe (Québec), March 16, 2022 —La Boîte interculturelle (Canada) is pleased to announce the financial support of the Government of Quebec for the creation of tools that foster intercultural dialogue …

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Mamu Ensemble Together: The Documentary

Saint-Adelphe, September 7, 2021 — La Boîte interculturelle is pleased to announce that, thanks to funding from the Government of Canada and an incredible range of …

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Mamu Ensemble Together : The documentary

A powerful statement of the power of music Saint-Adelphe, May 18, 2021  — La Boîte interculturelle is pleased to announce that it will premiere its new documentary “Mamu …

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…you have to be visionary

Oriented towards the future, La Boîte continues to build on and strengthen partnerships. Saint-Adelphe – March 17, 2021 – Strongly forward-thinking and action-oriented, La Boîte interculturelle …

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Music as a tool for dialogue in the Mékinac MRC

Saint-Adelphe, July 30, 2020 – La Boîte interculturelle, an organization based in Saint-Adelphe that organizes and creates exchanges between cultural communities, is proud to present the project Mamu …

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Mamu Ensemble Together comes to life thanks to a Heritage Canada grant

An intercultural exchange project in Sept-Îles and Trois‑Rivières

This news release is also available in Innu (PDF, 381 KB)

Trois-Rivières – Sept-Îles, January 30, 2020 – An intercultural-exchange project
entitled MAMU | ENSEMBLE | TOGETHER aiming to create and strengthen positive social ties between cultural communities in Canada and abroad will be held in Côte-Nord and Mauricie at the end of this winter. This 10-day musical project will be held March 10-20 in Mani-utenam, near Sept-Îles, and March 22-24 in Trois-Rivières.

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From Maliotenam to Kenitra (French only)

Une musique qui fait voyager autant dans le vaste univers marocain, à travers toutes ses facettes, que dans la riche culture autochtone innue du Québec, au Canada

Montréal, le 4 novembre 2019 — Pasa Musik (Canada), La Boîte interculturelle (Canada) et 3ZEM (Maroc) présenteront le résultat de la collaboration musicale entre Shauit, artiste innu, originaire de Maliotenam au Québec, Canada, et Wachmn’hit, de Kénitra au Maroc lors de la 6e édition de Visa For Music qui se déroulera du 20 au 23 novembre 2019 à Rabat au Maroc.

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The intercultural exchange project MAMU | ENSEMBLE | TOGETHER aims to create and strengthen positive social bonds between different cultural communities from Canada and around the world.

Toronto, September 20, 2019 – La Boîte interculturelle is proud to announce the Government of Canada’s financial support for the intercultural project MAMU | ENSEMBLE | TOGETHER in partnership with Innu Takuaikan Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam and Pasa Musik. This 10-day community music project, scheduled for March 2020 in Maliotenam, Quebec, is part of the Canadian Heritage, Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Community Support Program.

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