From Timbuktu to Saint-Tite

Saint-Adelphe, July 18th, 2023 – La Boîte interculturelle (Canada) in collaboration with the Festival Nuits de Tombouctou in Montreal is pleased to announce the event ‘De Tombouctou à Saint-Tite’ to be held on Sunday, October 1, 2023 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Salle le Grand Nord of the Village Western Kapibouska in Saint-Tite. 

This event is part of the Journées de la culture and is made possible thanks to the support of Développement MauricieVillage Western KapibouskaBrûlerie MékinoiseSlow Food Vallee de la Batiscan and CJE Mékinac

With this new project, La Boîte wishes to offer people in rural areas an opportunity to discover Timbuktu’s precious wealth, its history, its colorful traditions, its deep cultural heritage and a window on a fascinating world through:

  • An exhibition of thousand-year-old manuscripts and photographs
  • A workshop/conference with Mr Shindouk Ould Najim, President of the Festival Nuits de Tombouctou in Montreal, leader of the Oulad N Najim faction, historian, President of Timbuktu’s cultural and tourist associations and refugee in Canada.
  • Musical entertainment
  • A tea ceremony and tasting combining the culinary arts of Mali and Quebec to remind us that, like music, this art transcends borders and can serve as a bridge between cultures.

This event is much more than a simple cultural celebration, it’s an immersive and enriching experience for participants. Cultural diversity is a precious asset that deserves to be celebrated and shared. 

When we celebrate cultural diversity, we build bridges between peoples and open up new horizons. We hope that this will be a key moment for strengthening the bounds between cultures and promoting a more inclusive and harmonious vision.

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Village Western Kapibouska de Saint-Tite – is an organization that aims to contribute to the sustainable development of its community. Projects that promote social and cultural vitality are an integral part of this objective. We believe that innovative cultural initiatives are a guarantee of wealth and health for the region.

CJE Mékinac – is an organization dedicated to developing the employability and socio-professional support of young adults aged 16 to 35 in the Mékinac RCM. 

Développement Mauricie – Founded in 2006, Développement Mauricie brings together all the socio-economic partners of the Mauricie region. Its mission is to stimulate regional economic development by promoting cooperation between its members and supporting the emergence of structuring projects.

Slow Food Vallee de la Batiscan – An organization promoting participatory democracy, open and non-elitist in character, made up of citizens who have given themselves orientations that correspond to their vision of development in rural communities.

Brûlerie Mékinoise – Located in St-Tite, in the heart of the Mékinac RCM, Brûlerie Mékinoise has chosen to share its passion for coffee. Their aim is to roast top-of-the-range beans so that you can (re)discover all the facets of this wonderful beverage.

La Boîte interculturelle provides a platform for creative expression and cultural exchange. The organization’s programs aim to promote social cohesion, bridge cultural divides and connect people from all walks of life. Our approach is characterised and guided by three core elements:
Motivated by the desire to share and learn from each other.
Willing to learn more about the way of life, tradition and customs of the “other” while assuming its distinction.
Committed to a process of change towards a future that reflects a humanity that respects difference.


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