Fields of Artists, an innovative project

Fields of artists is an innovative initiative by La Boîte interculturelle that aims to forge unique bounds between artists from diverse backgrounds and professionals from the agricultural and related fields.

La boîte, in action

This video, filmed in Lejeune during your visit to Témiscouata last April, truly embodies the meaning of the word “community”. It shows how people come together, share moments and experiences, and create a special bond that goes beyond simple day-to-day interactions.

What makes this video so meaningful is that it captures the spirit of solidarity, sharing and mutual support that defines a community.

Ultimately, this video reminds us that it’s human relationships, genuine interactions and shared moments that give life to a community.

It’s a valuable reminder of the importance of human connection in our often fast-paced and fragmented world.

A story of encounters, learning and sharing

Celebrating five years of successful operations is already a remarkable milestone for La Boîte interculturelle, but when that celebration also includes eight years of intercultural project work, it becomes an even more special occasion.

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Let’s explore 2024 together

Manifesto for an Intercultural Rurality

Akwaba to all

Small World is delighted to embark on this partnership that grows from long-standing shared commitments of like-minded organizations to foster discoveries in music, culture and more – to bring people together – artists, fans and professionals – in ways that only music can

–Alan Davis, founding director, Small World Music

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