Rural musical interlude

On 25 June, the Mékinac cultural scene was set ablaze by the Intermède Musical Rural event, which brought together artists from all horizons. This unique event was a true celebration of musical diversity, showcasing the talents and traditions of different countries and cultures.

A musical journey

Organized as part of Canadian Multiculturalism Day, the event was a platform for cultural exchange and mutual learning. Audiences were transported on a musical journey that transcended borders and language barriers, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural richness that surrounds us.

All in all, this summer’s intercultural musical event was a memorable and enriching experience. It demonstrated the power of music to bring people together, transcend borders and celebrate cultural diversity. It reminded everyone that music is a universal language capable of creating moments of shared magic.

Thank you to the musicians:

  • Boulila
  • Cindy Bédard
  • Othman Wahabi trio
  • Yan et Julie – Les mauvaises herbes
  • Zale Seck
  • Zack Hunt, juggler
  • Raices, Colombian dance troupe (via the Trois-Rivières SANA)

We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada and our local partners:

  • Centre des loisirs de Saint-Adelphe
  • Bureau de Sonia Lebel
  • Desjardins de Mékinac-des-Chenaux
  • Municipalité de Saint-Adelphe
  • MRC Mékinac | Culture Mékinac
  • SANA Trois-Rivières
  • GM Modulaire
  • Structure Robko
  • Métro Beaumier Saint-Tite
  • La Ferme Oswald
  • Boulangerie Germain
  • Casse-Croûte chez Lulu (Saint-Stanislas)

“What a show you put on for us! A huge thank you to everyone! Bravo for organizing such an event in St-Adelphe! We want to dance again!!!”

M. Dallaire

“Thank you so much! You made us travel for an afternoon, a superb experience!!!”

M. Macia

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