From Mashteuiatsh to Rabat / From Rabat to Mashteuiatsh / From Maliotenam to Kenitra

With her deep appreciation for the Moroccan culture, indigenous artists, and with its mission to build bridges between different cultures, La Boîte interculturelle introduced Pasa Musik in 2016 to the unique idea of a musical residency between Shauit—author and composer from the Innu nation of Maliotenam in Northern Quebec—and musicians from the Sahara in Morocco. Due to conflicting schedules, this collaboration never materialized.

La Boîte still forged ahead and curated two projects between Canada and Morocco (see 2017 and 2018 intercultural projects), creating a momentum for future collaborations to come.

In the Spring of 2019, during Ramadan and with Reggae as a starting point, the improbable meeting between Wachmn’hit of Kenitra in Morocco and Shauit took place.

La Boîte’s role as a partner translated itself in many ways:

  • Search and interview of the Moroccan band with the help of 3ZEM
  • Grant proposal writing
  • Development and strengthening of partnerships in Morocco
  • Planning of meetings with Moroccan government officials
  • Communications: production of a variety of marketing and media materials including press releases, newsletters, etc. for external communications channels including website, social media and media at large.
  • Event planning and media relations: execution of press conference and interviews, responding to media inquiries, cultivating and growing media relationships.

Projets carried out by Pasa Musik in partnership with La Boîte interculturelle and 3ZEM:

  • From Mashteuiatsh to Rabat (May 2019) – Musical residence between Shauit and his musicians, and the Moroccan group Wachmn’hit in Morocco in May 2019.
  • From Rabat to Mashteuiatsh (July 2019) – Musical residence between Shauit and his musicians, and the Moroccan group Wachmn’hit in Quebec in July 2019.
  • From Maliotenam to Kenitra (November 2019) – Visit the Facebook page From Maliotenam to Kenitra for more information.


De Mashteuiatsh à Rabat est un bel exemple de collaboration entre musiciens québécois et marocains qui, ensemble, ont pu créer une œuvre artistique alliant 3 cultures: autochtone, arabe et amazigh. Nous espérons multiplier ce genre de rencontres qui renforcent les liens culturels entre le Québec et le Maroc.

Alain Olivier, directeur du Bureau du Québec à Rabat

… (il) n’y a pas de frontières pour l’art.

Ahmed Ouahid, Wachmn’hit

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