Fields of Artists, an innovative project

Fields of artists is an innovative initiative by La Boîte interculturelle that aims to forge unique bounds between artists from diverse backgrounds and professionals from the agricultural and related fields. Champs d’artistes is inspired by the richness of interdisciplinary exchanges and collaboration between the arts and agriculture to create unique and enriching experiences.

At the heart of our approach is the desire to encourage unexpected and stimulating encounters.

On the one hand, we have artists of diversity, representing a vibrant palette of cultures, histories and perspectives. Their art transcends borders. Their participation in Fields of artists offers them a platform to explore new horizons, broaden their scope of expression and share their stories in an authentic and inspiring way.

On the other hand, we have agricultural professionals, passionate farmers, gardeners and others working in similar fields. Their daily lives are punctuated by a deep connection with the land. They cultivate not only crops, but also close ties with their community and their environment. They are the guardians of ancestral knowledge, but also daring innovators, constantly seeking to improve their practices to preserve the health of the earth and meet the challenges of our time.

Together, they are rethinking the links between man and nature, reimagining rural and urban landscapes, and exploring new ways of telling the stories of the land and those who farm it.Through Fields of artists, everyone becomes the protagonists of a new story, where art and agriculture come together to celebrate the beauty of diversity, land and life.

The project concept of Fields of Artists

Fields of artists consists of pairing up 5 artists from diverse backgrounds with 5 farmers, gardeners, fishermen, or any other related fields such as herboristerie, etc.

Once the people paired up have spent a minimum of two days together exchanging, discussing and discovering their respective cultural worlds, the project enters a new and exciting phase.

Driven by curiosity and a willingness to learn from each other, these improbably matched duos draw on their unique experiences and perspectives to give birth to new ideas and forms of expression. They explore the intersections between art and agriculture, pushing the boundaries of creativity to create something truly special.

Whether through collaborative artworks, performances, installations or cultural events, the collaborations that emerge from Fields of artists are the fruit of a genuine synergy between two seemingly different but profoundly connected worlds.

Together, these artists transcend the boundaries of their respective fields to create something new and inspiring.

They are proof that when creative minds meet, the possibilities are endless, and that collaboration is the key to creating a world where art, agriculture and diversity thrive in harmony.


This project is part of the Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Program by the Government of Canada.

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