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La Boîte interculturelle creates unique experiences of exchange in collaboration with artists and partners wishing to strengthen ties and forge new ones between communities.

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Partnerships get to know us!

Since 2016, La Boîte has been creating unique creative projects, collaboration with partners and musicians committed to dialogue and intercultural rapprochement.

Here are some examples of partners and musicians with whom we have joined forces:

  • Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke for the musical residency with Daraa Tribes from Morocco, RedTail Spirit Singers from Quebec and Sacred Wolf Singers from New Brunswick (project The sun shines for all in Canada)
  • ONA Foundation in Rabat for the presentation of the Mashteuiash to Rabat project (Partnership project)
  • Visa for Music, Rabat for the premiere of the short film Cultural Resonance.
  • Small World Music for the presentation of the collaboration concert between Daraa Tribes from Morocco, RedTail Spirit Singers from Quebec et Sacred Wolf Singers from New Brunswick

La Boîte has also developed brand agreements for reciprocal promotion of events and initiatives.

Design and project management services

La Boîte offers unparalleled flexibility and knows how to be versatile!

  • Design and project management services
  • Budget planning
  • Media Relations
  • Video shooting and editing

La Boîte in numbers



Since 2016, La Boîte has developed:

  • 4 international projects
  • 5 national projects

and the list keeps growing!

Unique opportunities



…and action!



The development of partnerships is essential. Since 2016, we have worked with:

Together we go further!



Overview of what exists in Quebec regarding the use of music as a tool for intercultural dialogue and the fight against racism and discrimination.



In the fall of 2021, La Boîte traveled 3,000+ km to offer screenings of the documentary Mamu Ensemble Together in six regions of Quebec.



More than 500 subscribers around the world (various organizations, cultural decision-makers, governments, etc.) with an opening rate above the average for a non-profit organization.

27% open rate

Oh social media

According to our 2020 Facebook statistics for the Music as a Tool for Dialogue project (video clips from 12 different countries), we reached 29,192 people with an engagement rate of more than 7%.

18 of the 28 posts scored above 7% and 8 of them scored EXCELLENT (+9%)!

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Did you know…

They talk about us

Our projects have been covered by national and international media such as Radio-Canada, M24TV/MAP, Le Matin Maroc, 2M, Radio-Canada international and La Presse.

An international project

For the Music as a tool for dialogue project, La Boîte has created 27 video clips by collaborating with musicians from Canada, Algeria, Morocco, United States, Chile, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Panama , Ghana, England, Guadeloupe or even Gabon.

A first!

During The sun shines for all project in Morocco, the great indigenous drum was heard for the first time in the Sahara desert.

We provide tools

La Boîte has developed toolkits to help organizations when viewing our documentaries (including a viewing guide, promotional material, etc.).


La Boîte participated as a panelist in the following events:

  • Centre culturel Dar Al Maghrib, Montreal, Canada – Women and Heritage
  • Visa for Music, Rabat-Morocco 
  • Africa Women’s Forum, Rabat, Morocco
  • Canadian Music Week, Toronto, Canada
  • Ongea – the Eastern Africa Music Summit, South Africa
  • Be present everywhere – New York, NY

Committed ambassadors

La Boîte developed an ambassador program to:

  • Create a global community by connecting fans of La Boîte in an engaging way,
  • Share new perspectives on a variety of topics, and
  • Shine a light on the work of people and organizations, here and elsewhere.

Ambassadors for a day also take part in this initiative.

We share our knowledge

La Boîte was consulted during the Industries culturelle et créatives – Maroc study produced by the Bureau du Québec à Rabat, SODEC and the General Delegation Wallonia-Brussels in Morocco.

The key to success

Thanks to the support of funders and organizations who believe in our initiatives, La Boîte continues to:

  • create innovative and concrete initiatives,
  • bring people from different cultures together,
  • build stronger communities while encouraging creation, growth, development and dialogue.

La Boîte’s projects have been supported by the Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec and several other national and international organizations.

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