The road to interculturality in Morocco

Saint-Adelphe, November 15, 2023 – With the support of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) – Embassy of Canada to Morocco and Mauritania and in collaboration with the Musée de la femme de Marrakech and the Association Espoir Tizinit, La Boîte interculturelle is delighted to announce a visit to Morocco to present its latest project ‘The road to interculturality, a discussion tool.”

The documentary highlights the journeys, challenges and successes linked to cultural diversity and the importance of interculturality in rural areas. The Road to Interculturality explores the experiences, trials and triumphs of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds while illustrating the value of mutual understanding, inclusion and collaboration between cultures.

The documentary is divided into 6 chapters with the following themes:
What is art?
Community involvement
The five senses by Brice Obianga
Meeting others
Let the lines of your heart open up 

Dates and venues:
Sunday, November 26 | 18 h | Musée de la femme de Marrakech
A unique opportunity for women from different backgrounds to engage in cross-cultural discussions, gain new perspectives and strengthen ties between different communities.

Wednesday, November 28 | Association Espoir Tiznit
Presentation of projects produced by La Boîte Interculturelle followed by discussions to deepen the themes addressed in the documentaries and explore opportunities for collaboration.

La Boîte Interculturelle will also be taking part in the 10th edition of Visa for Music, to be held from 22 to 25 November. This event, regarded as a major platform for music professionals, offers an invaluable opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and develop partnerships.

La Boîte’s presence will provide an opportunity to meet key players in the music industry, organisations committed to women’s empowerment and to exchange ideas for future collaborations.

Join us for these events as we celebrate the richness of cultural diversity and highlight the importance of interculturality in our society.

Diversity is strength, and together we are building an inclusive and prosperous future.


La Boîte interculturelle
provides a platform for creative expression and cultural exchange. The organization’s programs aim to promote social cohesion, bridge cultural divides and connect people from all walks of life. Our approach is characterized and guided by three core elements
Motivated by the desire to share and learn from each other.
Willing to learn more about the way of life, tradition and customs of the “other” while assuming its distinction.
Committed to a process of change towards a future that reflects a humanity that respects difference.

Global Affairs Canada
Global Affairs Canada is the department of the Government of Canada that manages Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations, promotes Canadian international trade and directs Canada’s international development and humanitarian assistance.

Women’s Museum Marrakech 
The Musée de la Femme de Marrakech is a captivating institution dedicated to preserving, documenting and celebrating the rich history, culture and contributions of women in Morocco. Located in the city of Marrakech, the museum is a testament to the strength, resilience and creativity of Moroccan women throughout the ages.

Association Espoir Tiznit
An association run by a group of artists who aim to promote and defend cultural rights.


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Nathalie Lévesque
La Boîte interculturelle | [email protected]

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