Desjardins Mékinac Des Chenaux supports the screening of the documentary The road to interculturality, a discussion tool to promote diversity and inclusion

Saint-Adelphe, December 7th, 2023 – La Boite interculturelle, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring cultures together through the arts, is proud to announce the financial support of Desjardins Mékinac Des Chenaux for the screening of the documentary “The road to interculturality, a discussion tool“, to be presented at Domaine Tavibois in Hérouxville, on January 17, 2024 at 7pm.  

This documentary explores the many facets of cultural diversity and aims to encourage intercultural dialogue within our society.

The screening will take place at the Domaine Tavibois Café, and will be followed by a musical presentation by Basile Seni, a native of Burkina Faso in West Africa who has lived in Trois-Rivières for several years.

The road to interculturality embodies La Boîte interculturelle’s commitment to supporting meaningful initiatives and contributing to the construction of a more inclusive world, where each individual feels accepted and respected in his or her diversity.


La Boîte interculturelle
provides a platform for creative expression and cultural exchange. The organization’s programs aim to promote social cohesion, bridge cultural divides and connect people from all walks of life. Our approach is characterized and guided by three core elements
Motivated by the desire to share and learn from each other.
Willing to learn more about the way of life, tradition and customs of the “other” while assuming its distinction.
Committed to a process of change towards a future that reflects a humanity that respects difference.

Desjardins is the leading financial cooperative in Canada and the fifth largest in the world. It contributes to the economic and social well-being of individuals and communities.

Basile Seni
Author, composer and performer from Burkina Faso. He was raised in a family of griots (bearers of the oral tradition of West Africa). Based in Quebec, he has been teaching circus, percussion and African dance since 2005 at the Transcendanse dance school, a non-profit organization active in the social economy. In 2006, following in the footsteps of Cirque du Monde, the artist launched a community circus project for underprivileged youth in the Shawinigan region. He also gives workshops in local primary and secondary schools, as well as private lessons in traditional African music and percussion. Alongside his teaching work, Basile Moutuan Seni is a member of Les Batteurs Atomiques, a traditional African music group.


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