La Boîte Interculturelle is fully committed to the 50-30 Challenge programme for diversity and inclusion

Diversity is at the heart of La Boîte interculturelle’s DNA, and we are delighted to be part of the 50-30 Challenge programme. This innovative programme aims to encourage the equitable representation of gender, people with disabilities and under-represented groups within Canadian organizations.

La Boîte interculturelle and the 50-30 Challenge:

As strong supporters of diversity and inclusion, we strongly believe in the importance of reflecting the richness of society within our organization and our projects. The 50-30 Challenge programme, launched by the Government of Canada, provides us with a unique opportunity to reinforce our commitment to these values.

La Boîte interculturelle’s commitment:

Joining the 50-30 Challenge programme is a natural step in our journey. We are committed to implementing practices that promote diversity.

We encourage other organizations to join us in this initiative. Diversity is not only the key to organizational success, it also strengthens our social fabric. By working together and sharing our experiences, we can create a positive and lasting impact.

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