The alliance between storytelling and music is a powerful force that brings cultures together in a magical and harmonious way.

A story set to music transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, creating a universal experience that touches the hearts and minds of all who hear it.

The melodious notes and enchanting rhythms of the music accompany the words of the tale, creating an enchanting atmosphere that transports the audience on an imaginary journey.

The music adds an emotional and expressive dimension, reinforcing the messages and lessons of the tale. It also makes it possible to incorporate musical elements specific to each culture, such as traditional instruments or folk melodies, bringing authentic cultural richness to the story.

Through this fusion, storytelling and music become powerful tools for promoting intercultural exchange, mutual understanding and appreciation of the traditions and values of different communities around the world.

Produced and filmed in 2020, during the Mamu Ensemble Together project. This segment is a tribute to Philippe McKenzie.

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