Cultural Resonance (2018)

On May 16, 2023, as part of International Day of Living Together in Peace, La Boîte interculturelle presented ‘Cultural Resonance’ (2018).

The universality of music is one of the most beautiful things in this world. Regardless of culture, language or country, music can unite people and convey universal emotions.

This is why musical collaborations between different cultures are so important. They allow people to discover new sounds, learn new techniques and share stories and traditions. It creates bridges between people and opportunities for mutual understanding.

These images are the result of the collaborative project between:

Daraa Tribes, RedTail Spirit Singers, Sacred Wolf Singers, Simon Denizart and

dancers: Mike Wade, Jason Gullo Mullins, Benjamin Wawatay and Warren Papatie and Matthew Rutledge from Toronto.

The show was produced in 2018 (under the name Marchande d’idées, sister entity of La Boîte) in collaboration with the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke.

Cultural Resonance was also presented in Toronto, thanks to SmallWorldMusic.

We invite you to listen to music from all cultures and celebrate the importance of musical collaboration in building a more united and inclusive world!

Happy listening!

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