King Maliba

King Maliba is an author, composer, and performer. Since elementary school, he has been passionate about poetry and committed to the human cause. His writing and music are essentially about respect for others, love, and passion (the dream).

In his first novel Les Grandes Âmes [The Great Souls], the author takes us on a journey through time and space, between Mali and France, via Germany in the middle of the Second World War. Les Grandes Âmes… and the impossible becomes possible!

After a first single Ce monde [This world], King Maliba calls on human beings to check in with their loved ones more often with his second single Comment tu vas? [How are you?]. According to King Maliba Comment tu vas? is a hymn to love of a different kind.

Influenced among others by Salif Keïta, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Edith Piaf, and Stromae, the multidisciplinary artist offers a musical universe that brings hope for a better world for all.

Of Malian descent, King Malia was born on the Ivory Coast. He currently resides in Quebec after having spent 8 years in France. He considers the world his country. His motto is “I don’t stay in a place where I don’t feel at home”. Does he really come from “a world that is not of this world”? To be continued…

La Tête dans les nuances: an interview with King Maliba as part of Robert Aubin’s tête-à-tête series.
(Available in French only)

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