Weaving and reweaving, an interactive musical experience

From September 10, 2022, we will hit the road to meet people in the 4 corners of the province of Quebec.
It’s more than 2,500 km, 6 administrative regions and 8 events for musical presentations and exchanges on how we can use music for better living together.

A new project by La Boîte interculturelle

Saint-Adelphe (Québec), June 21, 2022 —  Thanks to the support of the Government of Canada and in collaboration with partners across the Province of Quebec, La Boîte interculturelle …

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New video segment for children

When music works its magic!

A new video segment for children created from Mamu Ensemble Together documentary has been added to the other viewing options available for this documentary. And that’s …

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La Boîte at school

Want to see what happens when La Boîte visits a school to talk about the power of music as a tool for dialogue and bringing communities together?

Here is a video we had the pleasure of filming while at the École Secondaire des Pionniers in Trois-Rivières, on April 1st.

Accompanied by Saulo Olmedo Evans, one of the musicians of the Mamu Ensemble Together project, La Boîte screened the documentary of the same name, followed by a percussion and storytelling workshop.

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