The Music as a tool for dialogue initiative gets worldwide enthusiasm

Between June 2 and July 19, La Boîte interculturelle simultaneously broadcast on FacebookTwitterYouTube and its website, messages on the importance of music as a tool for dialogue in the promotion of multiculturalism and the fight against racism.

In total, twenty-seven (27) video clips from Canada, Algeria, Morocco, the United States, Chile, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Panama, Ghana, England, Guadeloupe and Gabon were scheduled.

Today, we are happy to share with you some of the results that these capsules generated on Facebook.

  • 29,192 people were reached with an engagement rate of over 7%.
  • In fact, 18 of the 28 posts had a rate over 7%, and 
  • 8 of them had an EXCELLENT rate (over 9%)!

With such results, we can proudly say:

La Boîte interculturelle would like to warmly thank all those who gave so generously of their time by sharing their point of view on such an important subject.

  • Aguibou Bougobali Sanou, Burkina Faso 
  • Akawui, Chili-Québec, Canada 
  • Ali Rootsman, Morocco-Québec, Canada
  • André Désilets, Québec, Canada 
  • Charly Tchatch, Gabon
  • Dave Kynner, Guadeloupe 
  • Elvire Toffa, Ivory Coast-Québec, Canada
  • Fethi Nadjem, Algeria-Ontario, Canada 
  • Graham Daniels, England 
  • Habiba Zahid, Morocco-Québec, Canada
  • Johane Germain, Québec, Canada
  • Khalil Mounji, Morocco 
  • Martine Labbé, Québec-Morocco
  • Naïma Korchi, Morocco
  • Naji Soul, Morocco
  • Nora Toutain, Morocco-Québec, Canada 
  • Reuben Yemoh Odoi, Ghana-Morocco
  • Salif Sanou Lasso, Burkina Faso-Québec, Canada
  • Samira Brahmia, France-Algeria 
  • Saulo Olmedo Evans, Panama-Québec, Canada
  • Seamour, Québec, Canada 
  • Shauit, Québec, Canada 
  • Suzanne Leonard, Ontario, Canada
  • Tommy Dahill, United States 
  • Youssef El Achhab, Morocco
  • Zani McPherson, United States-Morocco 
  • Zueny Black, Burkina Faso

[…] music, like water, like the air we breathe, like oxygen, is essential.

– Reuben Yemoh Odoi
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