La Boite interculturelle announce a new partnership with Root Afrika Music

Through all of our actions, La Boîte is continuously strengthening ties with national and international organizations to create a network of professional and human skills to advance intercultural exchanges.

We are extremely proud today to announce our partnership with Root Afrika Music, whose mission is so in tune with our vision and work on a day to day basis.

We are looking forward to working with Root Afrika Music to share knowledge and opportunities.

Root Afrika Music

Root Afrika Music is a non –profit and non-governmental organization based in Lusaka, Zambia. Our aim is to ensure continuity and innovation in performing art through creation, performance and appreciation of exceptional works to enrich the lives of individuals and benefits communities throughout Southern Africa.

Root Afrika Music will ensure continued creative vibrancy in the African folk music community, attracting new audiences and engaging new participants. 

Our Vision

A world in which indigenous instruments and sounds have a recognized place in the modern cultural and musical landscape, musicians are empowered to create and promote their own music. 

Our Mission

Promouvoir et préserver les contributions de la musique et des instruments africains autochtones, tout en reconnaissant, en respectant et en promouvant la capacité des créateurs de musique autochtone à gagner durablement leur vie grâce à leurs efforts créatifs et en appréciant les musiciens eux-mêmes.

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