Teaser – Mamu Ensemble Together

La Boîte interculturelle’s most recent project, Mamu Ensemble Together, was held in the community​ of Mani-utenam, close to Sept-Îles, bringing together Innu (Shauit, Mishta-Shipu), Burkinabe​ (Salif Sanou a.k.a. “Lasso”) and Panamanian​ (Saulo Olmedo Evans) artists.

The project’s goal is to generate #intercultural​ exchanges with music as a tool for #dialogue​. These exchanges took place with the meetings between the musicians and the community. The meetings triggered a series of discussions on the reinforcement of positive social ties that can be established between diverse cultural communities.

Music​ served as leverage to facilitate overcoming differences. The goal was to reach people where they live, outside large city centres.

Shauit, Lasso, Mishta-Shipu and Saulo used interactive activities as ways to communicate​ and share, in order to foster the active involvement of the local population. This teaser commemorates the artists’ visit in the community of Mani-utenam and which will be part of a forthcoming documentary​.

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