We create opportunity

La Boîte interculturelle is a curator of truly unique projects with expertise in arts and culture project management. We develop intercultural exchanges between different communities and countries with insight, ingenuity and experience.

  • We curate unique opportunities for select artists in the fields of music, dance and the performing arts from different cultures and countries.
  • We work step-by-step with the artists, venues, collaborators and until project completion.
  • We provide a stimulating environment where communication and collaboration can develop more deeply.

They are true intercultural creations and provide an extraordinary learning experience to artist, audience and community alike.

The process is electrifying – and the results can be life changing.  

Our services and expertise include:

  • Definition, design and direction of activities for project development
  • Coordination and time management of project, ensuring that all key objectives are fulfilled
  • Ensured execution of planned schedule by closely monitoring the progress of projects in order to meet all deliverable deadlines
  • Highly skilled in decision-making, leadership, contract negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Budget management, ensuring that all priority needs are addressed

We offer complete project and event management services according to the highest ethical principles, with a focus on art and culture 


Typical Timeline – Project timelines can range from one or two weeks to one month or longer. Each project is assessed on an individual basis in order to determine the most effective approach and appropriate time frame.

  • Multi-day artists residency and workshop
  • Community events including media appearances and visits to local schools
  • Live performances at multiple venues to showcase the artists’ collaborative work
  • Intercultural exchange means that these events will typically take place in both of the respective artists’ home communities rating and promoting diversity.

What we need from the artists

  • Press kit (English & French) – Word and PDF version
  • 6 high resolution photos JPG, TIF, PNG
  • Biography for each person, including information related to the instruments played or in the case of related art such as dance, your expertise (English & French) – Word and PDF version
  • Main contact including address, telephone, email, Instagram, Facebook, Website, Twitter
  • Discography (if applicable)
  • 1 to 3 YouTube, Viméo links
  • BandCamp, SoundCloud, MySpace
  • .Wav download map (if available)
  • 1 to 3 MP3
  • List of concerts, performances, etc. provided at the time of filing your request