Mamu Ensemble Together : The documentary

A powerful statement of the power of music

Saint-Adelphe, May 18, 2021  — La Boîte interculturelle is pleased to announce that it will premiere its new documentary “Mamu Ensemble Together” in the fall of 2021.

Filmed in Mani-utenam, on the North Shore of Quebec and in the center of the Mauricie in 2020, the documentary brings together musicians from different cultural backgrounds with the goal of building bridges with the citizens of the communities involved and initiating a dialogue on cultural diversity, racism and openness to others.

It is thanks to funding from the Government of Canada and with more than 25 partners across the province of Quebec that we have been able to carry out this project based on respect, listening and sharing, with music as the tool successfully bringing us closer together.

Accompanied by

  • Shauit, songwriter from Mani-utenam,
  • Salif Sanou ‘Lasso’ also songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Burkina Faso,
  • Saulo Olmedo Evans, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller from Panama, and
  • Mishta-Shipu McKenzie, musician from Mani-utenam and local ambassador for the project,

we explored how music and art can serve as a starting point to foster exchanges and create bridges between cultures.

This documentary is intended as a tool for reflection and collective action on cultural rapprochement and will be available in French and English.

Organizations interested in hosting a screening of the documentary are invited to complete the form below.


(Translation) – Music is really important in the Innu culture. It allows us to share memories, to bring our families together around common stories, in addition to supporting people in each stage of their life. Projects such as Mamu Ensemble Together which bring together people from various backgrounds are necessary to develop a constructive dialogue between peoples and thus create solid bridges. I would like to thank all those who made this project possible and congratulate the participants who contribute with the language of music to consolidate friendship between the Nations.

Jonathan Shetush, Innu-takuaikan Uashat mak Mani-utenam

(Translation) – It was by participating in the Mamu Ensemble Together project that I was able to confirm that we, artists, have the rhythms and the necessary words to make humanity dance away from social and cultural discord.



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