Music as an Intercultural Bridge in Quebec – an Overview

Music is humanity at its best.

Hubert Reeves

La Boite interculturelle has long wanted to research what exists in Quebec in relation to the use of music as a tool for intercultural dialogue and the fight against racism and discrimination.

It was at the beginning of the year that we started this work with people who are passionate about music and intercultural projects: Samuel Couture-Brière and Noemi Lira from Autrement d’ici.

Although this new document, Music as an Intercultural Bridge in Quebec, an Overview (PDF 1 MB), may refer to some scientific studies found during our research, this is not a thesis or a scientific report but rather a very brief overview of the various projects existing in Quebec.

This work enabled us to note a shortfall in rural areas and in terms of citizen involvement. We also note that often projects are not repeated from year to year due to lack of resources or funding.

What is of particular interest to us is the fact that very few studies on the benefits of music seem to have been done here in Canada.

In short, this non-exhaustive research validates for us that in order to have a richer and transformative intercultural dialogue, we must continue to develop projects where meetings between artists and the community are at the forefront.

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