Success and full house for the screening of the documentary in Saint-Adelphe

Paul Labranche, 
Mayor of Saint-Adelphe

Last Saturday, the screening of La Boîte’s latest documentary Mamu Ensemble Together took place at the community hall of Saint-Adelphe in the Mauricie.

Presented as part of MRC Mékinac Culture Days and with the presence of Mayor Paul Labranche, the documentary was a great success.

A discussion facilitated by Suzie Yeo d’autrement d’ici was held after the screening.

Spectators were particularly touched by the footage of musicians from various cultural backgrounds visiting and interacting with students from Tshishteshinu School in Maliotenam.

They also showed a keen interest in La Boîte, its mission to build bridges between communities, and the impact La Boîte would like to have with this new documentary.

Nathalie Lévesque, Executive Director and creator of the project

La Boîte would like to thank the audience for their participation in the screening and discussion as well as for their suggestions on how to continue our work of promoting diversity and intercultural dialogue.

The next screening of the documentary will be held in Rimouski in the Bas-Saint-Laurent on October 20, in collaboration with Résonance and the psychosociology module at UQAR.

Time: 6pm
Location: Ernest-Simard Amphitheater (F-210) at UQAR – 300, allée des Ursulines

The sreening will be followed by a Q & A period with the creator of the project and Saulo Olmedo Evans (musician and storyteller).

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