Embracing cultural diversity

In 2018, La Boîte in partnership with the Festival des traditions du monde de Sherbrooke offered a unique musical collaboration experience between Daraa Tribes, RedTail Spirit Singers, Sacred Wolf Singers and Simon Denizart.

Together, they created an unprecedented project between musicians of different cultures and languages; which was also presented in Toronto, Ontario, thanks to Small World Music.

Here is what Tee Cloud of Sacred Wolf Singers has to say about his experience:

Collaborating with a Moroccan band was a whole different world, especially with powwow indigenous drum singing. I really enjoyed the experience. It’s very important to mix cultures together to learn from each other. It’s all about embracing other cultures and eliminating racism.

Tee Cloud, Sacred Wolf Singers

(Project created under La Boîte’s sister organisation Marchande d’idées)

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