We’re a colorful family, with 6 chairs around the dinner table.

It’s always lively around here. With 4 children between the ages of 1 and 8, activity is at its peak. We look after calves, hens, chickens, ducks and rabbits. We do all the stages of breeding on a self-sufficient scale, from birth to slaughter. We are conscientious about their welfare, and even our rabbits enjoy pasture.

We also have large gardens with several varieties of vegetables, and the children take part in all the chores with us. Following permaculture principles, we have planted over 30 fruit trees and shrubs in the last 4 years.

We create/build a lot ourselves, and we’re lucky to be handy. I, Véronique, am a stay-at-home mom, and Benoît is an outstanding farm mechanic.


Fascinated by the world’s cultural tapestry and driven by an insatiable curiosity for cultural diversity, I have been captivated by the arts since a young age. With a background in both traditional art and digital arts, I aim to bring a unique perspective to my explorations, blending time-honored techniques with modern technology to craft captivating works that resonate with audiences worldwide.

From the vibrant streets of bustling cities to the serene landscapes of remote villages, I have always found inspiration in the stories told through art, transcending language barriers to connect with people on a profound level. My diverse portfolio spans film, documentary, performance, photography, drawing, painting, and digital media, each project approached with boundless creativity and a relentless drive to uncover the essence of human experience.

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