Michel Alexandre, 51, is a passionate and tireless farmer who works on his family’s ancestral farm. Descended from a long line of farmers, he has taken the reins of the family dairy farm and transformed it into a beef operation.

Michel grows all the fodder for his herd himself, guaranteeing a healthy, balanced diet for his animals. He has also successfully introduced Saskatchewan’s Speckle Park cattle breed to his farm, with his Six Gun breeding bull, improving the quality and productivity of his herd.

In addition to his work on the farm, Michel has a real passion for his Sugar Shack and Maple Syrup time.

Like many farmers, Michel has to juggle the economic challenges of the agricultural sector by compensating with outside work. Despite these challenges, his determination and love for his craft remain intact, making him a pillar of his local farming community.


Achref is an emerging digital artist on a journey of creative exploration and innovation, drawing from his diverse background, interests, and experiences. Originally from Tunis and now based in Montreal, he is cultivating a unique artistic perspective that seamlessly integrates technology, sound, and imagery into captivating multimedia experiences.

With a foundation in IT and software engineering, Achref pursued his passion for imagery and audiovisual arts, earning degrees from esteemed institutions such as the Higher School of Audiovisual and Cinema in Tunisia and the University of Montreal in Canada. His academic pursuits have equipped him with a versatile skill set, allowing him to experiment across various mediums, from digital photography to virtual reality.

At the core of Achref’s artistry lies a deep appreciation for the synergy between visual aesthetics and sonic Landscapes. He intertwines digital correspondences between his video aesthetics with musical mixes and compositions, creating immersive experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

His work reflects a balance of spontaneity and meticulous craftsmanship, exploring new frontiers in the realm of audiovisual art.

Beyond the surface, Achref’s art is imbued with a fascination for the enigmatic and the occult, drawing inspiration from esoteric realms to enrich his creative Expression. His works defy expectations and invite viewers to contemplate the mysteries of existence and explore the depths of consciousness through captivating audiovisual journeys.

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